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Queen 4 (Acrylic Painting by Devirani Dasgupta)

About the Artwork 

Medium - Acrylic on Canvas Board. Size - 12 x 16 inches. This original India artwork titled 'Queen-4' shows a queen in a contemporary look and a thoughtful mood. She appears to be relaxed and possibly thinking deeply about someone. The modern art makes a perfect case for promoting romance, if somebody's not found a love interest yet then this frame can move one ahead in that direction.
About This Artist
Devirani Dasgupta
Devi Rani Dasgupta is a self taught expressionist painter born on 22nd Oct 1983 at Bapudham Motihari, a small town situated in north Bihar near India Nepal border. She graduated in Zoology from B.B.R. Ambedkar University in the year 2004. She belongs to a joint family. She had a knack for paintings since her childhood. In her younger days at the tender age of three, when her other cousins used to play she enjoyed drawing on the huge verandas of her house with a chalk. She learned painting from many renowned artists of Bihar, U.P and Kolkata. She was highly influenced by the beauty of the famous Folk arts of Bihar and West Bengal, also known as Madhubani painting and Pot Chitra respectively. She has done quite a few paintings and mastered in this art. She likes to work on both landscape and figurative, but her first love of painting is human expression based compositions using her folk art and surrealistic skills. She likes to work with acrylic colours. She applies rich and bright colours in different layers completing it by applying bold strokes and textures. Her painting has a unique style of surrealism and fantasy. The random and surreal elements in her works are rooted in her own perception. Geometrical shapes rule her paintings such as triangles, rectangles, polygons etc. She uses designs in her composition both in subject and background which gives it a royal appearance and traditional elegance. She paints like a child and everyday she experiments with her work and tries to explore some new things beyond the appreciation. She has done her five solo shows and near about twenty group shows, four annual shows, one Biennial show and number of art fairs and art camps in Kolkata since the year 2011. Her artworks have been collected by number of art lovers in India and abroad.


Sunset (Acrylic Painting by Alpna Kataria)
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About the Artwork

Title: Sunset. Medium: Acrylics on Canvas. Size: 21.5x 21.5 inches. My work emotes spontaneous expressions which may not always be close to reality, but emotes 'ehsaas' or feelings. I want the viewer to be fed at different levels and depths of their being.

About This Artist
Alpna Kataria
Making art, for me, is an innate response to the inner and outer worlds, and is a balancing act between the intuitive and the considered. I am interested in exploring my natural abilities and enthusiasm for my commitment to do art which reflects my innermost thoughts and emotions. I try to capture an essence and bring a feeling onto the canvas. I enjoy exploring in an exaggeration of colour, forms, and texture. What captures my interest is the energy or feel of the subject that I am painting. Colour is vital in re-creating the emotional tone. I choose colour, layers, shapes and texture to express my feelings and my dreams which are influenced by real life experiences. The layers create subtle and sometimes dramatic effect. My work emotes spontaneous expressions which may not always be close to reality, but emotes 'ehsaas' or feelings. I want the viewer to be fed at different levels and depths of their being. The emotions that come through my paintings come from deep inside, leaving the viewer free to interpret what he or she wishes to see. I love capturing expressions and feelings which to me are windows to the soul and can leave a viewer completely captivated. My work emotes spontaneous expressions which may not always be close to the reality seen by the beholder. Since my childhood, colours have fascinated me and I remember my dreams in detail in vivid colours and patterns. Art has always been a passion of mine. I knew from a very early age that art was going to be a strong influence to my persona. My mother was an ardent artist and as a child I loved to watch her paint. She encouraged me at all times and she has proved to be the guiding force, moving me in the direction where I find peace , contentment and immense joy, in expression through my paintings. 

Ferguson College 2 (Watercolor Painting by Seema Ghiya)

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About the Artwork

The pictorial representations of scenes or events from every arena of life like domestic settings and street scenes where she used her undiminished imagination with artistic freedom. The representation may be realistic or imagined but it surely bring alive the eternal beauty of life. Medium - Watercolor on Paper. Size - 7 x 19 inches.

About This Artist

Seema Ghiya
She realized she could dip her brush in colors and say all she could without using words. And, she never looked back... Just like an artist who believes in life, Seema Ghiya is a genre painter whose works depict those moments of life wherein one feels alone and immersed in one's thoughts. She loves to paint the people who breathe and feel, and those who love and lose. She chooses the ordinary life of a human being as subject of her paintings. Seema hails from the Pink city- Jaipur in Rajasthan. She is B.A. Hons in Drawing and Painting. Besides being an amazing artist, she is also a great homemaker and food enthusiast. Her source of encouragement comes from her husband Sunil, a Chartered Account by profession, and their two artistically inclined sons. The quote by Vincent Van Gogh, The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting,in is very close to her heart.. Depicting Indian settings and culture is her passion. Her paintings are pictorial representations of scenes or events from every arena of life like domestic settings and street scenes where she unabatedly uses her imagination with artistic freedom. Seema is gifted with the show of power from above and paints with boundless expressiveness. With her canvas as the screen and brush as the keyboard, she writes her speech endlessly playing with strokes of light and shades. The representation which may be realistic or imagined brings alive the eternal beauty of life. Her genre of painting spread over portraits, landscapes, seascapes, architecture and figurative works mainly crafted in water colors and soulfully rooted in Indian rituals, beliefs, festivities, and traditions. She lives art. She dreams art. Her day starts and ends with art. When she is not painting her creative forces remain connected with her soul that palpates only art. She reaffirms what Alberto Giacometti said, Object of art is not to reproduce reality but to create a reality with the same intensity.

Megh Raga with Ragini Madhumadhabi (Oil Painting by Amar Singha) 

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About the Artwork

The painting based on the figurative idea of the musical rhythm of Indian classical music originated by an unknown philosopher of the mythological period. It's the fourth painting of my Raga-Mala series. This painting indicating the rainy season as well as the joy of the first rain of this season warmly invited by the Megh Raga with his conch shell (male figure, the metaphor of musical tune). His first wife named Madhumadhabi watching his activities. Size - 29.2 / W - 36.1 inch. Medium - Oil on stretched canvas with wooden stretcher bar. Will be shipped in the wooden ply box.

About This Artist

Amar Singha
I have been working in the field of international contemporary art since 2012 and recognized/honored by several art galleries in the world. At past my form was based on geometric style, but recently, I changed my style and form to get involved deeply in my realization regarding human beings. I was inspired to go with abstract form, by Andy Morris, a famous abstract painter of USA, who was my instructor. My subjects come from several ways such as music, literature, poem but mostly I try to find out those unique incomparable moments which come suddenly and leave some feelings in the pathway of our memory. In my canvas, I want to give them life once more. I've been awarded and featured several times by international art world, galleries and magazines. As an artist, I work hard to develop paintings that speak both to me and to others concerning the beauty that exists in the human mind and our surrounding nature. I do not prefer to present the coarseness of object which unnecessarily encumbered my creation instead, I love to reveal the lofty underlying elegance with the language of color and pattern, which consequently speak about my philosophical sense regarding human life and nature. By interplaying with individuals, I love to evaluate those unforgettable chapters of the Life book, which turning into dim on the pathway of memory and I want to give them life once more. During my technique, I especially motivated by the oriental type color making, however, I use some dimensional effects to produce a specified mood, convey my thoughts or feelings and my every single composition offers the rhythm of visual poetry, I make on my canvas. My each finished painting whispers not only for me, but for those who never having the ability to focus on their torment, emotion, and other human feelings, I recreated on my canvas. My aspiration is that I would like to see my painting as a representative of humanity and love, who strongly indicate the triumph of humanity and joy.

Dhyan (Oil Painting by Bhagirath Punjani)

About the Artwork

An opportunities are going in their mood ...don't think much to capture it..or you will remain for think.... be aware always to take an opportunity quick...otherwise, you will left only for see lost opportunity from far away. opportunity comes only by their time they do not wait to get capture by you. you have to aware to capture the opportunity by the time when it come to you. Size : 30" x 24". Medium : Oil on canvas. Year : 2015.

About This Artist
Bhagirath Punjani
I was born in a small city named Jamnagar in Gujarat State, India on 11 July 1987, My communication address is near Punjab National Bank, Lava's Delo, Ranjit Road, Jamnagar - 361001 Gujarat State INDIA.
I have passed elementary and intermediate drawing examination while my primary level of education. Frankly admit that there is a tremendous impact of father's guidance in all my works till date. My Art teacher inspired me to draw live - sketches of different human and animals. This inspiration led me to visit fairs and religious gathering for the purpose. Seeing my deep interest in the field, a friend of mine, master in Fine Arts, persuaded me to go in for canvas oil painting. Till now I have produced quite a number of canvas oil paintings, which include various subjects on nature and domestic animals. I own an Art studio located in a garden developed by me in a nearby rural area. Natural beauty spread all around coupled with domesticated animals of my interest represent them in painting form. Nature study and philosophy are my loving prime subjects.
I get enveloped in imagination on art paintings. I am not confined to a particular subject or technique. The style and technique developed by me takes painting forms of superb quality. Certainly art is a wonderful natural gift.
I have a collection of about 40 to 50 canvas oil painting on various subjects on hand and am on a way to make them out on a still larger scale and size.
My inspiration and art does not develop in a room with four walls - I call the natural habitat my studio where I get to be with animals, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Having set up my comfortable studio outdoors, I keenly observe then paint what my mind depicts as art. I, Bhagirath Sureshchandra Punjani, hope to inspire you the same way.


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